About us

    Hello, everybody! My name is Polina. I’m from Volgograd, Russia. I want to tell you about our project. It’s called Electroheel. It’s not only a musical project but it’s also a combination of electronic music and animation. Our project consists of two people – my husband and me. We compose songs in styles experimental electronic and synthpop. Then we make animated video clips for our songs.

     This is a very interesting modern direction.  Animation requires a lot of patience and time, because this work is very painstaking. But it’s worth that!

     There is one more important thing we want to ask. It’s your comments, feedback, views. It’s very important for us to know what people think of our music not only in our country! If you like our clips and songs, please tell your friends about us, we want to find our listeners. We want to be heard!